Surprises & Angry Birds

As my post below let you all know tuesday was Sam's birthday.... although i couldn't say it on the day I had planned him a surprise party at the strongrooms in shoreditch... it was fab, I wore my new bedjacket/dress and my jeffrey campbell shoes- so many amazing people made the effort to come - some, including sam's mum even came all the way down from the midlands! x
We drank far too much and partied all night but it was brilliant!

This is the cake that i copied for sam... except in my excitement i hardly took any photos!..
I followed the instructions here, and would highly recommend it! great fun! xx


Ria said...

Hehehehe I love the Angry Birds,and on a cake they must've been really fun!It looks like a great night!

Maria said...

:) thanks x it was definately a messy night but the cake was a great surprise! although now i have to come up with something better for next year! :S xx


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