Apology and a Birthday

Yesterday was one of those days!.. (no, not the good ones!... ) the type of day when everything goes wrong and i stomp around in a mood for no reason like a three year old!.
It began when i slept through my alarms... all of them!.. the first 'you need to start waking up now' one, through to the 'get up now if you want a shower' one and then even the 'if you dont leave now you will be very late' one.

i was very late. i dressed very messily in trousers and a shirt (i never wear trousers). the tube decided i could be later and had none of my trains. the tube station at the other end decided i could be later still and wouldn't let anyone out of the barriers. starbucks just laughed at my grumpy need for a coffee and had a queue out of the door.

eventually i arrived at work and spent the day trying to clear out the office (we are moving to a new studio soon) - the desk got cleaned, bin bags filled, i got dusty and frustrated. at lunch time i got rained on - a lot!!

after work - also in the rain (the messy trousers that i never wear now soggy around my ankles and soaking up more water rapidly) i ran to Heals to try to buy a rolling pin to cheer myself up. it was closed. the handles broke on my 'bag for life' food bag, which i was now forced to hug to my chest and i grumpily stomped home.

my friend eleanor was coming to bake and have dinner - a great way to cheer up a miserable day i thought!. ... i forgot eleanor doesn't eat red meat! i made beef burgers!... i am a bad friend!

we drank red wine - the evening got better - we baked - better still!.. we sat down to watch a film... i fell asleep!

like i said i am a bad friend!

sam woke me up when he got home. many hours later... eleanor was gone.

I am so sorry Eleanor!

i have done this to her before.... on pancake day.... i arrived hours late... and fell asleep on the living room floor!... definately making too much of a habit of this!...

Today is eleanor's birthday. she is a wonderful friend, lovely, talented (check out her jewellery.. )and fellow baking lover.. we are going out on friday to celebrate. someone remind me to bring pro plus! xx

Sorry and Happy birthday lovely! xx

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