to do list

I am hoping that by blogging my to do list i may actually do some of it!*

1. book flights to Mallorca
2. buy a digital camera - my inability to take any pictures is getting beyond frustrating!
3. buy frames and hang pictures
4. research and join a local exercise class
5. save up for the beautiful mirrored console table i love
6. sort through some of the many piles of paperwork at home
7. remember to write in my diary when i make plans
8. bake my boyf a root beer cake
9. sign up for the next lot of dance classes.
10. pay rent check in.
11. fix the curtain pole
12. do some ironing!
13. post my goddaughters presents.
14. plan photo shoot for my brothers band
15. get mothers day presents.

*warning - it is totally boring to anyone else though!


Maria said...

ok.. i realise that some of these are rather money based.... that may effect speed at completing this list! xx

Maria said...

1 and 10 done! oh yes! x


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