Yay.. I am so happy! xx Today I can announce the Aussie Winners... and as I had 7 packs to give away, and 7 of you entered I don't have to leave anyone out! xx Phew!!! xx

So the winners are:

Piera, Kathryn, Eleanor, Stacie, Laura, Hannah and German Green eyed monster (name!?) most amazing reason to celebrate - massive hugs x

I'll email you all now to get addresses and the products you'd like :) xx


Piera Lizzeri said...

I never win anything....This is AUSSILY AWESOME!! (apologies for the pun)

germangreeneyedmonster said...

great news indeed :-)


Eleanor said...

Wooo! I also never win anything! Mega excited! xx

Hannah said...

Thanks so much! x


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