New Start

I really don't know where to begin on this post, I have always wanted my blog to be somewhere where i can be completely honest but the line between being professional and posting something on the internet is a very high and wavy one!

In short, last week I quit my job!... Although to many my job may have seemed perfect ( I organised photo shoots for a photographer) I had been extremely unhappy for a long time, and that influenced everything else in my life.. from my friendships to my blog (sorry blog!) x I have now quit, and while the stress is not quite over ( I don't have to work my notice period but am currently phoneless and was essentially kicked out of the office) I cannot wait to start my new position (same role, new photographer) and I also cannot wait to start to feel happier again.

I am never going to have a 9-5 job and love production but I cannot wait to come home (even if it is late) happy and not dragging negativity around with me.

Hopefully this will seep into my blog as I was feeling really unmotivated, and I know that at the very least I am going to use my week off to dust the cobwebs off ol' tissueclouds! x


Phebe said...

Good luck with your new job - hope you'll be much happier :) Phebe x

Hannah said...

Best of luck with your new job! x


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