Ginglik & Waldorf Gnocci

we went to see bluejuice again last night!.. at Ginklik in Shepherds bush.. Fab venue. it is underground in the middle of shepherds bush roundabout in an old public toilet!.. they have big collections of board games and indoor streetlights! x

before we went we had time to grab some food at home...
As we were dictated by the huge lack of ingredients in sainsburys we had a hot gnocci version of the waldorf salad! yummy and very easy.

in case anyone is interested heres the recipe:

-First i cut up some pears and popped them in the oven with some strips of bacon and maple syrup to cook and spread over after..

-while that was cooking i boiled some water for the gnocci and in a seperate pan fried a chopped red onion.

-Using the onion and oil as a base i added a bit of flour to make a roux (how on earth is that spelt!) and then slowly added milk for the white sauce.

-when it was cooked i mixed in a huge chunk of crumbled stilton and a bag of walnuts (bashed up a bit first!)

-Then i cooked the gnocci, mixed it all together and finally added the bacon and pears..

Served with a rocket and tomato salad and garlic bread.. Yum! xx

I unfortunately forgot to take any pictures... but definately worth trying anyway! x

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