Ed Harcourt, ill and Harrods!

I was lucky enough to go and see Ed Harcourt play at the pigalle club on tuesday.. I love that venue anyway and was super excited to see one of my favourite bands there!..

Supporting was his wifes band, The Langley Sisters who were really good... they are actually playing a free gig tonight at the flower pot if anyone wants to go!.

Ed played his new album 'lustre' from start to finish and it was great to hear the songs live.. you can stream it on his website and it is out properly in june.. definately worth getting as the artwork looks great. x

Wednesday night i was supposed to go to a party at Jasmine studios but i was really ill and spent the night at home being sick :( only to have an early morning photo shoot at Harrods today!. our last shot was in Laduree... yum!..

i love the padded highchairs!.. so chic! x

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