Dinner and a Movie.. x

Bank Holiday!.. oh yes!!!!

This is what i did last monday... hopfully today will be as good.. (well it doesn't include work so cant be too bad!)

Work... on a gorgeous sunny day.. i nipped in my lunch break to American Apparel and picked up some cycling shorts (! yes i know!.. but they are to actually wear cycling!.. to cover my modesty when my dress flies up!) I also treated myself to a long sheer white sleeveless shirt. tres nice, i think it wll go well with my new vintage shorts! x

After work Sam and I made the most of the sunshine and ate dinner outside..

I had tomatoa salad and chips.. (salad on its own isnt a meal!)

Sam has pasta.. yum!

then we went home and ate m&s millionaires shortbread deserts drank desert wine from champagne flutes..
and watched back to the future!...

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