Vintage Fashion

On Sunday I went to the Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair
It was quite expensive to get in (£4) but so worth it.. they have a tea room, loads of stalls and even an alteration booth.

There was so much to look around and really nice good quality pieces too. Sam promised me one thing as a treat so i was trying to be restrained! I thought i would take photos of my favourite bits to choose from later but quite a few of the stall holders were really grumpy and kept shouting at me not to take images.. when asked why one explained that it is so design teams cant copy the designs for mass production!.. but they are not even their designs!.. they are vintage!.. surely they would just buy them to copy, or buy a vintage pattern book!.. I think they were just rude!
It really put me off buying bits from them to be honest, i tried on a gorgeous dress at one stall but the woman was so horrible that i didnt buy it.

there were a couple of lovely people too though.. my favourites were June Nevin (who had an amazing business card with her school photo on it!) rosies vintage Blue Linen Cupboard and ballad of

I ended up with a both an amazing new dress and shorts :) xx

Definately worth going to the next one.. on the 20th June (day before my birthday! :) hint hint!) xx

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