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Sugarhill press day
sugarhill cute dress

Home sweet Home from Barcelona - Having just eaten the biggest bowl of pasta ever (literally - i think i just had an entire pack of spaghetti to myself!) i am gearing myself up for a manic week. After flight delays coming home last night we arrived back to Hampstead this morning only to empty our suitcases onto the floor and change before heading off to work again :(
I did manage to fit in a sneaky drink tonight before coming home though at the Book Club again. This time to celebrate Sugarhill boutique opening online. Selling a collection of cute floral and printed dresses all made by brother and sister duo Alex and Pawel and utilising Bali skills and workshops they definately have some summer essentials..I particularly like the cute hawaii playsuit :) x

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LaraLainThatsMyName said...

Heyyyyy! Fab to meet you. Your goody bag was different to mine, I'm jel of your shawl print ;) xx


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