Pentameters Theatre


Last night Sam and I went to the Pentameters Theatre in Hampstead.
Despite walking past it almost every day we have never seen a play in the theatre before and now that we have we will definately have to make it a regular occurance!

Located above the Horseshoe pub (which, by the way, although it's expensive does brilliant food) the theatre is tiny... probably only twice the size of our tiny living room.
We saw the Michael Field production of J.B Priestley's play 'The Linden Tree', set in 1947 the play follows a couple of days in the Linden household as the father, a university professor celebrates his birthday and experiences his possible retirement. The play reflects the fading optimism for the future in britain and the realities of the countries diminished position in the world.

I literally can not rave about this production enough! As the theatre was so small you are really engrossed in the play and both the material and acting were brilliant. At only £12 a ticket its similar to a cinema ticket price and so much better! - everyone go now! - the plays on for another couple of weeks :D xx


germangreeneyedmonster said...

sounds and looks great, definitely on my to-do-list for London now :-)

Maria said...

ooh yay! it really is a brilliant theatre. xx


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