Quesy...:S and a bit of a CV!

bit quesy today after an impromptu visit to the Holly Bush with my little brother and his girlfriend yesterday.. My Brother had just got back from playing a gig in paris, check out his band - they are very good!

To top off the hangover today is cold, and am i am doing the most boring aspects of my job... invoices and budgets!

for those of you who don't know about my job (probably everyone who isn't my family or close friend!.. er noone on this then!) I work for a photographer, Tim Bret-Day, doing production. Meaning that I organise all his shoots.. i love my job. When i was younger after deciding that i was too squeemish to be a surgeon or a laywer i wanted to be editor of vogue. I did a degree in English lit (to get a proper degree!) whilst also doing evening classes at London Colege of Fashion in Fashion Journalism, then i did a Masters in Fashion Journalism at Central Saint Martins and about a year and a half of work experience at Magazines.. I was very lucky and managed to get quite a bit of work assisting stylists - having now decided that this was more fun than writing - but i never really cared enough about what was 'on-trend' or in the latest collections.. prefering vintage and not really caring about labels.. So.. I responded to an ad on fashion moniter and started working for Tim!.

my favourite parts of the job are still going on shoots, location scouting, and putting together a big production and watching it all come together.. here is me at work!


Maria said...


The other best bit about my job is the company that i keep!.

Dave Bray is an uber talented artist and illustrator.. everyone go buy his work! x


Emily Benet said...

Good to know! I wish everyone explained what they did in their job in pictures, it's a bit late to ask half of my friends what they do!


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