afi and ants!

We went to see AFI in brixton last night!

Sam met me at work with some flowers which are now in pride place on my desk..

then on to the goodge st pizza place icco's - yum!.. pizza's here used to be £3! - now the cheapest is £3.50 up to around £6 but they are big and so good!

after that we tried yog, the frozen yoghurt place on charlotte st, i had strawberry's and white chocolate as my toppings, sam had chocolate brownies. ... not so good, frozen yoghurt is just never going to be as good as ice cream!

then onto Hive in brixton for a quick glass of wine before AFI!.

we just caught the end of 'sick of it all' then made our way to the front for AFI - much to sam's dissapoitment!(i think he'd rather stay near the bar!) ... it was so quiet though that even at the front there was lots of space. everybody seemed about half my age and height which made dancing around going crazy a little hard.. my friend charlie and i still decided to show them how it's done however...they didnt't really talk to the crowd at all.. leaving lots of room for some old classics - fun evening! x

we got home later to an ant infestation all over the windowsill and sofa in the living room.... :( an emergeny clean and insect killing frenzy thus began.. at least the sofa cover got washed! must remember to buy ant powder today! x

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