Sunny weekend!

This weekend was actually sunny!..

It finally felt like Spring was here and i could even go without tights! I even managed to have picnic's on both Saturday and sunday!

Saturday i braved the roads to cycle to Ravenscourt Park to see the steam was near where my new office will be so i thought it would be good practice... however thinking i could rely on googlemaps on my phone for directions was a big mistake as it kept trying to direct me to the busiest and scariest roads... i took about twice the time i was meant to to get there with lots of weaving back and forth.

I did make it though..eventually.. in one piece!..

The fair was great - it was strange watching rides that looked like they were run by cogs and bicycle chains, even stranger when you could watch the men loading fuel on the fire to operate them!. we went on a couple of rides and i am amazed that im not covered in bruises today.. much more fun than modern health and safety crazy ones!

We also checked out the arcade and peep shows!..

ate doughnuts and candy floss and drank lots of gin. x

Sunday my mum visited and we had ice creams on the heath. x

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