Easter Weekend

Back at work after a great weekend!..
we managed to fit so much in!..

thursday evening we went to the everyman cinema to see 'the girl with the dragon tattoo'.. i've read the book and they miss a lot out in the film but it is still quite good.. the cinema however was great!.. we had a sofa to ourselves and waiter service to bring us wine and nibbles! - yum!

Friday was lie ins and Eleanor's birthday dinner... i didnt fall asleep but i also didnt make the after party :(

Saturday my brothers band played at the underworld in camden... with sam's band too!.. great fun with lots of dancing (although i did rip my new vintage dress - a little too enthusiastic perhaps!)

raspberry beer! mmm

Easter sunday we went to play piantball with my dad and brothers!.. it was brilliant fun!.. although a little painful.

paintball bruises!

Monday - last day of the long weekend.. we went to the funfair and sam cooked an awesome chocolate chilli! - yum! xx

john the horse!

chocolate shoes!

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