Road Rage

I have been cycling to work for a couple of weeks now... its mostly idylic.. sunny, not too busy, not too hard, (apart from the uphill trek back)!..

This morning however i experienced my first real case of road rage, not anyone shouting at me, but just the rousing of a general hatred towards all cars.

It began because the schools are back after easter holidays. As well as living on a big hill we also live on a road where almost every other building is a school.

Schools mean parents, mothers in particular, and in our area mothers mean huge cars. one mum, one tiny little child, and a huge massive 4x4.

Not even a regular 4x4, like a range rover. We live in Hampstead. Here they are mercedes, lexus, porsche, bentleys, basically the biggest most expesive cars these women can find. And boy are these women bad drivers!

This morning i had to avoid cars swerving all over the road, not indicating, chatting on their mobiles while driving, parking awfully, speeding (when possible)pulling out without looking.. basically acting as if they own the road and have never heard of bikes, the law, or manners.. oh yea, i forgot.. they probably do own the road.

these women can barely see over their own steering wheels, not that it would matter if they could, becasue they still wouldnt look.. they probably live within a ten minute walk of the schools anyway to be in the catchment areas!

I really do believe that everyone who drives in london should at some point have to walk or cycle... and let me know in advance so i can hire a hummer and ram them into a curb for a change.

Sorry :) - rant over! xx

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