Birthday Boy

Today is my boyfriends birthday...

he is the best.. these are some reasons why i am glad he was born:
- he has the best hair ever!
- he can completely thrash me at bowling
- he thinks its cute when i wear socks in bed
- he is super passionate about his work
- and his band - and works so hard on it
- he is quite sentimental for a boy! (although he would hate to admit it!)
- he ski's and sails!
- he looks after his mum and brother
- he doesnt care what other people think
- he is incredibly loyal to his friends
- he says what he means
- he likes squidging my face
- he grew a moustache!
- he likes dressing up
- he works hard and plays hard
- he is extremely precious about his lie ins
- he doesnt do anything by halfs
- he puts up with me!
- he has been through a lot and is still always optimistic.

I love you Sam - Happy Birthday

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