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after returning from holiday determined to tidy our little flat into some semblance of order i have realised that almost all my clutter is divided up into 2 groups...

1) Clothes.. (and shoes) these are strewn around the place, bursting out of closets, filling vintage suitcases

2) books and magazines... despite one wall of our living room being devoted to books these still fill boxes under the bed, windowsills and huge stacks on the floor

of course there are the little nick naks and snowglobes also scattered around and a lot of kitchenalia (although luckily this manages to stay in the kitchen) but the rest of my 'stuff' poses a problem. I dont want to get rid of any clothes or books.. its not like other random bits i can bear to part with but other than shelving and hanging what else can i do with them!....

im going to take some inspiration from these and try to turn our little studio into a cave of wonders!.. dresses will have to go on walls, as will hats

and books.. well i may just have to line the floor!

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