Interactive music Videos...

Wow!.. check out Sony Music's Phil Clandillon and Steve Milbourne's interactive music videos!..

The pair have been the brains behind a number of amazingly innovative new videos...

For the editors they hijacked googlemaps so that users could preview tracks from the albumn in the areas of London that inspired them!

here is a youtube video showing how it works..

they also created an interactive weather music video for lissie!..

you can change the background to represent the weather anywhere in the world..
watch it here

other projects include ACDC's excel video

and Kasabians Football Hero, A cross between Guitar Hero and a football game where instead of pressing buttons on a plastic replica guitar, footballers had to hit coloured buttons on a wall several yards away in time to a fret board display projected above...

heres a techy quote! "The coloured buttons on the typical guitar controller were replaced by five huge pressure sensitive pads which were carefully positioned on the wall in order to line up with the game's descending notes," he continues. "Each of the pads contained a piezoelectric vibration sensor, and these were wired back to an Arduino, which in turn was connected to the MacBook Pro we used to run the software. The footballers had to try to hit the pads in time with the music in order to play the Kasabian track Underdog."
There's also a short behind the scenes film:

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