not waving... Soggy!

Is it ever going to stop raining!!!..
Seriously!.. its august! (ok just..but still!)

the fast forward into autumn means that all i want to do is watch dvd's and snuggle in my duvet!

It has also meant that i am seriously reconsidering my Autumn wardrobe.. is it waterproof? and will my feet get wet? are now my two top priorities!

In february these were my faveourite looks.. but now im looking at barbour jackets, shearling and boots.anything to keep warm and dry!

my wishlist currently includes:

lots of autumnal coloured cardigans... argyle knits that i can belt. - pringle preferably!
a new tan vintage thin belt to wear with above cardigans!
a barbour jacket.. or a Zara copy which seem less bulky..
a tweed fitted blazer (maybe this dries one)

a big wooly hat!
a new umbrella - yellow topshop one for some sunshine!

a cape .. i have tried on quite a lot now.. topshop is number one at the moment but id love to find a vintage one!
some sexy satin bits to wear under all the layers!

check shirts and cords :) definately these wide leg topshop ones.. £80 though!

Reading Festival this weekend is going to be fun!! i must remember my wellies!

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