Kargaroo decanters

whilst lazily browsing through blogs this morning i stumbled upon 'the glamourai' ...an impossibly gorgeous, grown up and yes.. glamourous blog from kelly.. one particular post.. 'the dinner party' showcases her gorgeous apartment (prepare to be very jealous!) and in particular the most amazing wine decanter!.. it has an ice hole to chill your wine on the table!.. i eagerly scrolled down to ask where it was from but other people had got there first and it is hand blown from a tiny boutique in fredericksburg, texas.. dammit!

however after a bit of net trawling i found these similar ones!

Auxplaisirsbacchus has a few similar pitchers..

this one is $54.95

this one cutely named the 'kangaru' is $89.95 (but nicer i think)

these two are from a site called 'made in china'! perhaps not the classiest but they are fun!

this vintage one is pretty awesome and only $38... i wonder if they ship to the uk..

this one was apparently made for sake.. its quite nice and simple $60

this one is from the aptly named 'wine entheusiast' i think id get rid of the corks though!

having never seen these tye of wine decanters out there i feel a bit silly that they are so readily available!.. none are as lovely as Glamourai's though.. i think i may need to trawl some vintage shops to find one a bit more unique!

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