Vintage at Goodwood

I dont even know where to begin with Vintage at Goodwood.... the weekend, the clothes, the controversy surrounding the organisers... having already reviewed the festival for both Amelia's magazine and Queens of Vintage I feel that i haven't even touched on the conflicting reviews, what i got up to, or my own impressions..

I was lucky enough to get into the festival for free for the entire weekend.. not through the supposedly impossible to obtain press passes but through volunteering for Keep Britain Tidy. 3 hours of PR t-shirt wearing whilst collecting litter for an artist to use entitled me to free camping, weekend ticket and a free meal per day!.. amazing!.. had i not volunteered I doubt I would have been able to afford to go. Not that i think the weekend is overpriced, it falls in with other festivals pricing and did offer a lot, however as I knew it would be focused on shopping, (how can i trawl vintage fairs and not buy anything) i was lucky enough to be able to spend my money on the stalls , not on the ticket price.

I arrived at the site with trepidation, i really didnt have a clue what to expect. I was lucky enough to be with one of my best friends who I dont get to see nearly enough and the festivals website and hype sounded like the ideal weekend.. but it was a festival? ... a camping, drinking, muddy festival... and i had packed all vintage... and wanted to dress up!.. how was this going to work!?

We had entry to the site before anyone else and got to wander round what felt like a deserted film set and explore before the crowds...

At first the site appeared quite small.. i wondered how i was going to fill my weekend once i'd been round the vintage stalls,and began to think that it was more of a day trip event, however there were so many activities throughout the weekend that we found ourselves timetabling our days to fit it all in.. and it was the weekend crowd, stall owners and participants that ready made the festival. there was such a great community spirit among everyone.

As I'd heard quite a bit of bad press before the event i made a point to try to dig and while there were a few grumblings (Glamping appears to have been a nightmare!) everyone was so optimistic and out to have a good time. Dont get me wrong it is a commercial venture, the chain store sponsers and expensive merchandise won't let you forget it, and the many fancy dress outfits or those who didnt dress up at all did at times feel a bit voyeuristic. If one more person had asked for my photo i think I would have charged!.. those dressed in vintage are not part of the show!...hopefully next year more day -trippers will particiapte rather than treating it like a zoo!

overall though I had an amazing weekend. many have complained about not being paid, or the commercial nature of the weekend. I dont feel that anyone immersed in vintage culture will ever be satisfied with a festival that is expected to pull crowds of thousands, of all ages. Sure living in london we are lucky enough to go to some of the best vintage stalls, clubs and the chaps olympiad but to many Vintage at Goodwood was the first time they would have heard of the shops or events, and hopefully they have taken away cards, and websites and can bring money into the scene later on.

I also enjoyed the fact that everyone was equal over the weekend. there were no shortcuts for press, no pre booking, everything was first come first served, which although meant many missed out (multiple showings next year please!) was by far the fairest way to do it.

for its first year i feel that Goodwood made an excellent effort, hopefully next year can only get better, I for one will definately be going, hopefully with a stall! xx

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