Secret Garden Party

Before we went away to Majorca we spent the weekend at Secret Garden Party.. it is always a good weekend but it was lovely going straight from camping to a holiday!... i didnt take a camera with me for the weekend.. so only have one iphone picture but one of the best things at the festival was the Hendricks Gin carriages!... Hendricks must have really upped their PR and marketing recently as then seem to be popping up everywhere!.. especially in association with Vintage events..

'The Curiositorium' or 'Horseless carriage of curiosities' as it was called was an amazing couple of 19th century train carriages filled with curiosities.. staff dressed in 20's clothing paraded around the gardens and poured cocktails from a bath filled with gin and rose petals and everyone who left a small tale had a free drink!... amazing!

Their website is also beaurtifully designed and features a blog filled with vintage images and drinks recipes!.these are some of my favourite.. ..

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